Welcome to Uppsala!

Uppsala is just 38 minutes from Stockholm and 18 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. We are close to all the attractions of central Sweden and home to many of them.

Uppsala is home to the Nordic region’s oldest university founded in 1477, but the city itself and neighbouring Gamla Uppsala dating all the way back to the Viking era. This is the perfect place to experience the genuine rustic culture of the Uppland region.

Discover and explore our city’s past-present-future – our famous late 13th century Cathedral, our university and fraternities and 16th century Uppsala Castle. If you’d like to learn more about the famous Swedish 18th century botanist, Carl Linnaeus and his work, visit the Linnaeus Garden and his estate, Linnés Hammarby.

Revel in modern Uppsala’s bar, restaurant and café scene, or browse our shops, boutiques and malls for unique Swedish design items. And don’t miss the futuristic Uppsala Concert & Congress venue with its concerts and events.

For more information about Uppsala, please visit www.destinationuppsala.se.